South Dakota can be an interesting place to work for aspiring court reporters. If you are one of them, read this article for detailed information.

Information About Becoming a South Dakota Court Reporter

Educational RequirementsGet an accredited certificate or an Associate’s degree.
Area of StudyCourt reporting
License/CertificationNot compulsory but certification is beneficial.


Key Skills

Pressure handling, Good typing speed, Good vision, etc.
Annual Mean Salary – South Dakota (2020)NA
Job Outlook – South Dakota (2018 -2028)0%

Court Reporting Jobs in South Dakota

As far as court reporting jobs in South Dakota are concerned, there is expected to be a 0% increase in employment opportunities in the state from 2018 till 2028.

Steps to Work as a Court Reporter in South Dakota

The road to becoming a New Mexico court reporter requires you to meet certain steps.

Step 1

You need a certificate or a diploma to work as a South Dakota court reporter. Getting the right educational credentials will help your career growth and job opportunities.

Step 2

South Dakota does not make it mandatory for court reporters to get a certificate. However, getting one from a nationally recognized institution like the NCRA or the NVRA can help you land a better job.

Step 3

Look for the right job and start working as an official or a freelance court reporter.

Step 4

Get continuing education credits to ensure you maintain your certification. The requirements will differ according to the certification you obtain.

Job Description

To work as a court reporter in New Mexico, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Record everything correctly.
  • Re-read court proceeding transcripts.
  • Ensure there are no technical or writing errors.
  • Should have great typing speed.
  • Should be 100% impartial.

Salary Figure

Court reporters in the United States made $61,660 as mean annual salary in 2020, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This translates to an hourly mean income of $29.64.