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Court reporters are a huge part of the legal proceedings and make sure to capture each and every word being spoken in the courtroom. They prepare transcripts, maintain record, and create verbatim for depositions. To become a court reporter in Nebraska or any other state, it is important to have an associate’s degree in related field or certification through the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). Court reporters require specialized training in creating written records of court hearings, trials, depositions, and other legal proceedings. During court reporting training program students study the following courses in detail:

  • Introduction to Court Reporting & Laws.
  • Medical Terminologies.
  • Transcription Course.
  • Computerized Machine Shorthand Theory.
  • Court & Legal Procedures.
  • Technology Courses (Stenography, Digital Recording Devices, CAT Software, Audio Recording).
  • Closed Captioner & CART Courses.

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Search Court Reporter Programs

Get information on Court Reporter programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The Major Requirements

Educational RequirementsPost-secondary education or an Associate’s degree
Area of StudyCourt reporting is the primary requirement
License/CertificationCertification/ Licensure is mandatory.
Experience/TrainingCertification and License
    Key SkillsConfidence, Ethics and Integrity, Administrative Skills, Effective Communication, Neutrality, Reliable, Punctuality, English Grammar Skills, Vocabulary, Punctuation and Proofreading, Follow Oral and Written Directions, Speed and Accuracy, Technical Skills, Listening Skills
Annual Mean Salary – Nebraska (2020)$ 65,240
Job Outlook – Nebraska (2018 – 2028)11%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*Net Online

Job Prospects

Court reporters in the state of Nebraska have great job prospects. As per O*Net Online, Nebraska court reporters will experience a strong job growth of 11% from 2018 till 2028 against the national average of 3%.

The Main Job Responsibilities

The court reporters in Nebraska perform the following main duties:

  • Create verbatim transcripts and documents of legal proceedings, trials, and meetings using a stenographic machine.
  • Capturing all conversations, statements, and arguments, and presenting it in the form of a document.
  • Ensure accuracy, authenticity, and completion of legal records.
  • Provide judge with snippets from the transcript if required.
  • Provide real-time translating and closed captioning services.

Main Job Duties

Court reporters in New Mexico and all across the US are expected to perform some major job duties.

  • Record verbal and written communication.
  • Proofread documents and reproduce them later on.
  • Ensure there are no English, grammatical, or technical mistakes.
  • Should do the job impartially.

Court Reporters in Nebraska – The Steps

The steps needed to work as a court reporter in Nebraska include:

Get an Accredited Court Reporter Degree or a Certificate
  • Once you complete high school, you can enroll in a vocational or a technical school to obtain an accredited certificate in court reporting.
  • In most states the basic requirement to become a court reporter is an Associate’s degree in court reporting from a reputable college.
  • Most court reporting training programs prepare students in courtroom practices, use of technology, knowledge of legal and medical terminologies, research techniques, and theory.
Get a Nationally Recognized Certification
  • The state of Nebraska does not require court reporters to have a license or be certified but it is highly recommended to be a Certified Court Reporter (CCR), obtaining the certification from National Court Reporter Association (NCRA).
  • Obtaining a certification not just advances your skills but also gives an edge in a competitive environment and increases your credibility as a reporter.
Start Working
  • Once you have earned proper training or certification, you can now start applying for jobs to work as a Nebraska court reporter.
  • There is an option to work both as an official court reporter or a freelancer.

Court Reporters Salary in the US

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) May 2021 figures, court reporters in the US earned an average annual salary of $ 65,240. In its recent statistics, BLS forecasted an 11% employment growth for court reporters in the state of Nebraska from 2018 till 2028. Below are the top paying states for court reporters and simultaneous captioners:

StateAnnual Mean Wage 
New York$ 100,270
California$ 83,720
Texas$ 81,460
Iowa$ 77,090
Colorado$ 76,410

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)

Below are the States with the highest employment level in court reporters and simultaneous captioners:

New York1,250

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021)