If you have aspirations of becoming a court reporter in Nevada, read the following guidelines in detail.

Court Reporting in Nevada – The Vital Information


Key Skills

Fast typing speed, Strong moral character, Strong concentration, Should be able to handle pressure, etc.
Annual Mean Salary – Mississippi (2020)$56,040
Job Outlook – Mississippi (2018 -2028)NA

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and O*Net Online

Major Job Responsibilities

Court reporters perform multiple tasks, some major ones out of those are mentioned below:

  • Record everything that is said in courtroom
  • Reproduce transcripts of court proceedings.
  • Ensure there are no spelling and technical mistakes.
  • Keep a complete record.

What You Need to Do to Become a Court Reporter in Nevada

The following are guidelines if you want to work as a court reporter in Nevada.

Enroll in a Court Reporters Program or School

You can enroll in an on-campus and online accredited court reporters program in Nevada. Following courses are available to you:

  • Computerized Machine Shorthand Theory.
  • Medical and Legal Terminology.
  • Court Reporting Procedures.
  • Computer Technology.
Apply and Take the Nevada Court Reporter Certification Exam

The next step would be to apply for and take the Nevada Court Reporter Certification Exam, which is a mandatory requirement. The exam is administered by the Nevada State Board of Certified Court Reporters. The exam is divided into two parts to test your writing and skill-set.

Meet the State Requirements

To work as a court reporter in Nevada, you will have to meet certain requirements like:

  • Should be 18 years old.
  • Should be a US citizen.
  • Pay required fee for certification.
  • Have a respectable moral character.
Maintain Certification

To maintain certification, the state of Nevada requires court reporters to attend fifteen hours of continuing education after every two years. It is advisable to join the Nevada Court Reporters Association to get continuing education and seek new job opportunities.

Income of Court Reporters in Nevada

The salary figures of court reporters in Nevada is not available with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual mean salary for these professionals in the US was $66,710 in 2020.