Court reporters need to have strong concentration and a lot of patience because they have to record everything that is said during a legal trial and reproduce it later. This is a very tough field and if you want to join the fraternity, then continue reading.

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Should I Become a Court Reporter in Maine?

Education RequiredPostsecondary education
Major RequirementCourt Reporting
Experience/TrainingPractical Training is needed
Key SkillsExcellent Typing Speed, Strong Concentration, Patience, Strong Emotions, etc.
Annual Mean Salary (2019) –


Annual Mean Salary (2019) –


Data not available
Career Outlook (2019-2029)9%

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job Outlook

Court reporters are expected to enjoy a 9% growth in employment opportunities between 2019 and 2029. This figure is a lot higher than average. This data has been taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Steps to Become a Court Reporter in Maine

Complete these steps if you want to start working a court reporter in Maine:

Complete Postsecondary Education

After completing high school, all aspiring court reporters will need to get some sort of postsecondary education. This could be in the form of a postsecondary certificate, an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in court reporting.

Get Certification

Candidates will also have to obtain a professional certification. These certificates are offered by various organizations like the National Court Reporters Association, and candidates will have to clear a written as well as a skills test to get it. They might also have to get state certification, but that requirement varies from state to state.

Get Training

Aspiring court reporters will also need to get some practical training to learn how to use different equipment.

Continuing Education

All court reporters will have to get some sort of continuing education to maintain their certification. Check your state requirements for more information.

Duration to Become a Court Reporter in Maine

It can take anywhere between 2-3 years or 4-5 years to become a court reporter. The time frame will primarily depend on the educational path you choose.

Requirements to Become a Court Reporter in Maine

  • Complete high school
  • Get postsecondary education
  • Get certification
  • Practical Training
  • Continuing education

How Much Will I Earn as a Court Reporter Earn in Maine?

The salary data for Maine is not available with BLS, but the national annual mean income for court reporters in 2019 was $64,990.

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